Almost half of fish caught globally is wasted

Organisations launch new online campaign to raise alarm on 'by-catch'

May 12th 2014

Over 40% of fish caught globally is wasted, with peaks up to 90% in specific fisheries. Now two young Dutch film makers and three NGOs have launched a new online campaign to raise the alarm on the issue and call for action. A short 1 minute film has been produced, and can now be watched at

Behind the initiative are the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), Sea First Foundation and The Black Fish, together with young Dutch film makers Jaap van den Biesen & Kasper Hoex, who produced the film.

Jaap & Kasper: “With humour and creativity we try to engage people in difficult sustainability issues. We want viewers to be aware of their part. By reaching a wide public we aim to influence these issues positively”

Dos Winkel, founder and president of the Sea First Foundation: “The fishing sector is facing a crisis of global dimensions. Too many boats are hunting too many fish, using techniques which are far too efficient, causing overexploitation, huge bycatches and harm to the ecosystem.”

Jan Verdonk, Head of Programmes WSPA Netherlands: 'Not only active fishing gear, but also ghost fishing gear cause ‘by-catch’ - and as a result animal suffering. Each year millions of animals die trapped and entangled in lost and discarded fishing gear. Not only fish, but also sea turtles, birds and marine mammals like seals and whales.'

Campaign film premiered at the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam and is now online-released at

Dos Winkel
Founder, Executive Director, Sea First Foundation
+32 476 779 749
Wietse van der Werf
Founder, Executive Director, The Black Fish
+31(0)20 486 5209
Dirk-Jan Verdonk
Head of Programs, WSPA Netherlands
+31 (0)703 142 835
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